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Woodsaka designs and manufactures products for home-office workspaces. Our story is one of passion, perseverance and commitment to excellence. It starts with a vision to create something truly extraordinary, born from the desire to make a difference in the world.

Woodsaka's collections are the result of meticulous production processes. Attention to detail and mastery enhance creativity, elegance and design, always balancing tradition and innovation. Our collections of drawers and storage units for home and office workspaces, furniture accessories and office stationery are produced with a clearly defined focus on originality, quality and durability.

Since Woodsaka's founding in 2015, our goal has been to make the ordinary extraordinary with beautiful, minimalist designs. Combining the craftsmanship, functionality and durability that characterize our more than twenty years of design experience with unique and durable materials, we strive to create original products in modern design that can stand the test of time. Our products combine functionality and design to meet the needs of modern life. We strive to be stronger in design, quality, functionality and product diversity to create meaningful spaces for people.

Woodsaka is a community of people who embrace our core values. Our values: originality, quality and accountability.



All of Woodsaka's collections are designed and manufactured by Woodsaka. From concept to creation of the final product, every stage is a journey towards creating excellent quality products and accessories to Woodsaka standards. We are driven by creative curiosity and always strive to achieve unique, Woodsaka-specific results. By making development continuous, we try to create a concept unique to Woodsaka in our work.


Workmanship, quality materials and passion for perfection: these are the values on which Woodsaka relies for quality. We are committed to providing high quality in everything we do. We strive to provide the best results with good designs, quality and original products. Our relentless pursuit of perfection drives us to continually innovate, pushing the boundaries of design and functionality to deliver products that not only meet but exceed expectations.


Responsibility is the guiding principle that shapes our actions and decisions. Our core value is expressed by treating people, our environment and our future with respect. It's about fostering relationships built on mutual respect, preserving and protecting our natural surroundings, and ensuring that the decisions we make today contribute to a better tomorrow. Through our actions, we aim to inspire others to embrace similar principles of responsibility and contribute to the collective well-being of society and the planet.


Address: 1032 Budapest, Föld utca 53. pinceszint 1. ajtó, Hungary

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